FLÕWY Manifesto header photo, showing our model wearing a white Camilla Top

FLÕWY is inspired by women and nature.  As a brand, we strive to make women feel beautiful while also respecting and taking care of our planet, in order to make sure that we can preserve the endless beauty of nature for generations to come.

The FLÕWY Woman

Just like the waves of the ocean, She is in constant motion. 

She is not afraid to be bold, bring change and innovate. 

She longs for freedom and dares to dream.

She seeks to live life to the fullest and find beauty in everyday life.

She lives in harmony with herself and with all living things.

She is timelessly elegant and effortlessly beautiful.

Now look in the mirror.

There She is.

Our Manifesto

  1. FLÕWY is about empowering women to feel beautiful.

    FLÕWY is a brand for the modern woman. With its effortless and soft designs, FLÕWY seeks to celebrate femininity and support women in their daily lives. Here at FLÕWY, our goal is to provide timelessly elegant and graceful pieces in the highest quality in order to make women feel beautiful every single day.

  2. FLÕWY is about living in harmony with oneself and with all living things.

    At FLÕWY, we care deeply for the environment as well as our community. We believe that respecting nature and others around us is the key to a better tomorrow. This is why we consider it our mission to continuously progress towards sustainability, circularity, and inclusivity.

  3. FLÕWY is about being in flow in our lives.

    FLÕWY’s brand name was inspired by two principles: first, living in flow and harmony with our surroundings, such as our community and the environment; and secondly, being present in our lives and finding beauty in all the things that we do. At FLÕWY, we strive to empower women to find this flow and live their lives to the fullest.

  4. FLÕWY is about freedom.

    Just like the waves of the ocean, FLÕWY women are in constant motion. They are not afraid to be bold, bring change and innovate. On their path to finding freedom, FLÕWY’s mission is to support women to dare greatly and follow their dreams.