Beautiful city park during the fall season

5 Beautiful City Parks To Visit In Europe This Fall

Europe is a green destination with thousands of natural locations to visit. If you love to be in nature but also like the energy of big cities, look no further. We curated you a list of 5 beautiful city parks to visit in Europe this fall, which will give you the best of both worlds: being in nature, right in the middle of a lively city.

1. Villa Borghese - Rome, Italy

Villa Borghese in Rome, Italy

Address: Piazzale Napoleone I, 00197 Roma RM, Italy 

Villa Borghese is a large landscape garden and is the third largest public park in Rome. The gardens were developed for the Villa Borghese Pinciana (“Borghese villa on the Pincian Hill”) and offer buildings in classic renaissance architecture and Italian artwork, as well as museums, a zoo and beautiful gardens to see.

2. El Retiro Park - Madrid, Spain

El Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain

Address: Plaza de la Independencia, 7, 28001 Madrid, Spain

Once a recreation area for the Royal Family, the El Retiro Park is one of the most popular parks in Spain today. Located in the city of Matrid and encompassing 125 hectares of gardens and countless sights, it is a popular destination amongst locals as well as tourists. Besides the beautiful gardens, the most popular sights to see in El Retiro are the Glass Palace, the Statue of the Fallen Angel and the Galapagos Fountain.

3. City Park - Budapest, Hungary

City Park in Budapest, Hungary

Address: Budapest 1146, Kós Károly sétány

City Park is the largest park in Budapest and offers a wide variety of activities, for locals and tourists alike. At the center of the park, visitors can see the Vajdahunyad Castle, an impressive building that was built in 1896 as part of the Millennial Exhibition to celebrate the 1000 years of Hungary being an independent state. Across the river, you can find the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, the most famous thermal spa of the city. Not far from the bath, you can also find the zoo and the Museum of Hungarian Architecture to visit. During winter, the park is home to Europe’s largest ice rink, the City Park Ice Rink, while during the summer, the area is filled with water to create a pond, which is primarily used for boating.

4. Jardin de Tuileries - Paris, France

Jardin de Tuileries in Paris, France

Address: Pl. de la Concorde, 75001 Paris, France

The Tuileries Garden is the largest and possibly most well-known park in Paris. The garden was built in 1564 by Catherine de Medicini and was later redesigned on the orders of King Louis XIV, reaching its current garden style. The park offers beautiful greenery, stunningly decorated classic statues, a grand pond where visitors can pull up a chair and read a book, as well as great views of the Louvre Museum, which is located right next to the park.

5. Hyde Park - London, England

Hyde Park in London, UK

Address: Hyde Park, London, W2 2UH 

Hyde Park is located in central London and is the largest of the four Royal Parks, which are pieces of land owned by the monarchy and are made open to the public. The park encompasses a 350-acre area of greenery and is also well-known for some important monuments, such as The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain or the nearby Kensington Palace, which is accessible from the garden. The park is also famous for being one of England's premier music venues, with music festivals and concerts to attend.




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